Travis' MOTHER
Travis mother concept
Concept art by Mother 4 concept artist With a Hint of Lemon

Travis mom sprite

Origin Belring
Relatives Travis, Zack
Spouse Travis's Father
Location Travis's house

Travis and Zack's MOTHER is a minor character in Mother 4. She is also the wife of their father. She works in Belring.

Appearance Edit

Travis' MOTHER has shoulder-length, light brown hair; a small nose; two eyelashes on each eye; faint red blush spots on her cheeks; and a soft, round, feminine face. Her hair has several curly cowlicks, resembling popular hairstyles worn by women in the 50's.

She wears a pair of white pearl earrings; a bluish-green jacket; a long, dark blue-gray skirt; a pair of green shoes; a light green shirt.

Travis seems to have inherited most of her looks, bearing similar faces and hairstyles. However, her oldest son Zack got his light brown hair color from her as well.

Personality Edit

Little is known about Travis' MOTHER, but she is very loving and nurturing. In Update #5, she can be seen helping Travis find Zack's whereabouts after Travis finds her in their house's master bedroom, telling him, "You missed him [Zack] by a door, sweetie." As the matriarch of a traditional nuclear family, she stays at home cooking and cleaning, though it has been stated that she also has a job in Belring.

Although her husband is often away from home working, it seems that they are happily married. And despite Zack overshadowing Travis in sports and Travis having VOX, she does not seem to care and loves both of her sons unconditionally.

Trivia Edit

  • Travis' MOTHER seems to be associated with the track "Mom and Cooking and Stuff" since she is featured in the title and it plays in Travis' home.