Travis's Father
Travis father concept
Concept art by Mother 4 concept artist With a Hint of Lemon

Travis father sprite sitting

Origin Belring
Relatives Travis, Zack
Spouse Travis's MOTHER

Travis and Zack's Father is a character in Mother 4. He is also the husband of their mother. While the mother works in Belring, he works in another town.

Appearance Edit

Travis' father has short dark brown hair; brown eyebrows; a larger, straighter nose; black round eyes; fair yet healthy skin; and faint red blush spots on his cheeks. Like Zack's, his hair is combed into a pompadour-like peak.

He wears a dark blue collared shirt with cuffed sleeves; a light blue tie; gray-brown trousers; and dark brown shoes.

His oldest son Zack seems to have inherited most of his looks, sharing similar faces and hairstyles. However, his younger son Travis inherited his dark hair color.

Personality Edit

Little is known about Travis' Father. It seems that he loves both of his sons, despite Zack being a talented athlete and Travis being psychic. He is also happily married with his wife. His job, however, which requires him to be out of town frequently, prevents him from spending more time with his family than he'd like to.

Trivia Edit

  • Travis' father's frequent absences seems to be a callback to Ninten's father from Earthbound Beginnings and Ness' father from Earthbound, both of who are never seen (however in Mother 1+2, Ninten's father can be seen from behind). However, unlike the aforementioned games, it has been stated that Travis' father will later serve as an important character.