Telepathy being used in battle.
Type Other
Power level(s) α
User(s) Travis
Level realized N/A

Telepathy is an "Other"-type PSI ability in Mother 4.  It is realized exclusively by Travis and can be used both in-battle and in the overworld. In battle, it can be used to recover information about the enemy, including enemy weaknesses and the types of attacks the enemy has. In the overworld, it can be used to read the minds of non-player characters to receive alternate dialog from them. Its only known power level is α, and its PP cost is unknown.

Crummy Guy Union City

Telepathy used in the overworld.

As explained on the development team's blog,[1] Travis can only use telepathy on non-player characters if an "emote bubble" appears near their head as he speaks to them.

Power level
Level learned
PP cost
In-game description
One enemy Reads enemy's mind to recover information about it, including attacks and weaknesses "Allows [Travis] to reach into the minds of others, or to interact with psychic objects."


  1. Update 18 on the Mother 4 blog

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