Sprinting Psycho
Sprinting Psycho
Maximum Hit Points N/A
Maximum Psychic Points N/A
Offense N/A
Defense N/A
Experience N/A
Wealth N/A

The Sprinting Psycho is an enemy in Mother 4. He was revealed in a photo released on the Mother 4 website, and shown off further in the first teaser trailer.[1]



The Sprinting Psycho as he appears in the first teaser trailer.

The Sprinting Psycho, for the most part, appears to be a normal man. He wears formal clothing, with a white shirt, black pants, and a red tie. The only abnormal details about him are the metal, robotic helmet on his temple and the jet of flames behind him.


  • The Sprinting Psycho bears some resemblance to an EarthBound enemy, the Psychic Psycho.


  1. The teaser trailer

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