Travis items
Type Equippable item
Cost N/A
Selling price N/A
Can be equipped by Travis
Equipment type Weapon
Equip stats N/A
Accuracy N/A

The Slingshot is an equippable item in Mother 4. It is a weapon that Travis can presumably use.


  • In EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound, Slingshots are weapons that can be equipped by the whole party and that add more to the character's base Offense than other weapons likely already had at their respective points in the game—the drawback being that they miss 3 times out of 16 (i.e., their accuracy is 81.25%). It is hinted that the Slingshot possibly serves a similar role in Mother 4.[1]


  1. Update #6 on the Mother 4 blog: "It may be handy to hold on to a slingshot or something in the event of your enemy being tough against your normal stuff. Well, maybe not…"

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