Ultimate Vitamin

Floyd performing a combo attack, getting a SMAAASH!! on every hit.[1]

In Mother 4, a SMAAASH!! is a critical hit (i.e., a relatively rare hit that does more damage than a normal hit) dealt in combat. In the official Mother games, it is called a SMAAAASH!! or a SMAAAASHing hit (with four A's). How the ratio of SMAAASH!! hits to normal hits is calculated is unknown, but it is presumably related to the combatant's Guts, like in EarthBound and Mother 3. How much more damage a SMAAASH!! deals compared to a regular hit is also unclear, but in the official games, a SMAAAASH!! deals about twice as much damage. Unlike in Mother 3, where only the first hit could be a SMAAAASH!!, there is a chance for each hit to be a SMAAASH!! when comboing in Mother 4. SMAAASH!! hits not only deal more damage, but also make the bonus meter fill or drain more.[2]


  1. The Mother 4 gameplay trailer
  2. Stated by Pastel (creative director for Mother 4) in a Reddit AMA

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