The Punk Enforcer is an enemy in Mother 4. This enemy was first shown on the development team's Twitter account[1] and was shown again on the Mother 4 blog.[2]

Appearance Edit

The Punk Enforcer is a woman with brown hair, fair skin, and dark red hair. She wears a black leather jacket with torn sleeves; a white T-shirt; a pair of sunglasses; a pair of black gloves; black pants that is torn above the thigh on one leg; fishnet stockings; and black heeled shoes. Her hair is styled into a mohawk, leaving the sides of her head completely shaved.

Her battle sprite shows her carrying a metal pipe and sporting a large grin on her face.

Battle summaryEdit

Move Effect
Swinging * Approximately 35 HP of physical damage to one player character
Text upon defeat: "The Punk Enforcer went back to normal."


  1. Tweet by the Mother 4 team
  2. "Answers For Questions" on the Mother 4 blog

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