The Mr. Saturn
Winter 2014 Saturn
A Mr. Saturn as seen at the end of the teaser trailer.
Origin Unknown

The Mr. Saturn are a small, ribbon-wearing, pink, bipedal race of creatures of unknown origin in Mother 4.[1]


  • The Mr. Saturn are from two of the official Mother games (EarthBound and Mother 3) and are sometimes considered the mascots for the series. They are the only known characters in Mother 4 that are from the official games.
  • In both the official games, they reside in a village called Saturn Valley and speak in a strange way, visually demonstrated by an unusual font in the game text.
    • The Japanese version of the font used by Mr. Saturns is based on Shigesato Itoi's daughter's handwriting when she was a small child.


  1. Page 183. Pastel (creative director for Mother 4) mentions "Mr. Saturns"

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