Mother 4 Teaser-101:01

Mother 4 Teaser-1

First teaser video from the Mother 4 Team. Date Uploaded: 8/19/13

The Mother 4 teaser trailer was the first video released from the Mother 4 development team, on August 19th, 2013. It shows footage of the game in motion for the first time.


The video begins with a legal disclaimer along with a recommendation to support the Mother series. Afterwards, game footage of Mother 4 is shown:

  • A train traveling through a tunnel
  • Travis and Meryl walking towards a Gift Box
  • Leo walking in a city with no known name
  • Leo using PK Beam α to attack an enemy
  • Meryl using PK Fire α to attack two enemies
  • Travis, Floyd, and Meryl encountering a "relaxing butterfly"
  • Floyd and Meryl in a store
  • Travis encountering Zack as he stands near a pillar
  • The game's title screen

The video ends with a message that the game would be available at the end of 2014.

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