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The Mother 4 guide was first announced on March 16th 2015, however pre-orders for the guide started April 8th 2015, and ended on April 12th 2015. The team was founded on reddit, and is comprised of eight people so far. It is operated by fans, completely separate from the official Mother 4 developer team.

Staff Edit

The Mother 4 guide staff is unknown by their real names but we do know that the reddit users Rockto_AP, MotherFan, bumbershootbum, fallenangeljay, Swiftphantom, BLTspirit, pr0jectpat, and MrMcKonz (a moderator of the Mother 4 subreddit) make up the team, though pr0jectpat has ellegedly quit.

Known Info Edit

There are only a few things we know of so far about the Mother 4 Guide. A website: was made sometime, and we know they have a Slack account, from what we have gathered, they have discussed format, art, and other basics such as the layout. As quoted by the team's leader Rockto_AP: "We're not sure about presentation, but I was thinking it would include only art, and maybe not pictures of the clay models. I thought the M3 guide couldn't make up it's mind about which to use!". It is also known that on the reddit page called "Anyone wanna work on a strategy guide?", many people volunteered to join Rockto_AP in making the guide, but some are not part of the guide anymore as "They didn't give their emails on the page were I was asking for emails to invite the team to Slack". More than likely they will release a .pdf file for anyone to download for free. From what we read, it is also planned to have a physical copy, though price for this is unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • The team's leader is also working on the Mother 4 French translation, but says the guide will come first.
  • The guide's leader was apparently the former director of Mother 3 HD
  • The team apparently has trouble deciding the front cover of the Mother 4 Guide.
  • A game store has asked to have physical copies of the Mother 4 guide, which caused the staff of the guide to look into the issue of payment.
  • It has been planned to have a similar layout to the Earthbound and Mother 3 guides.

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