La Folia
Type Town
Country Pleiades
Inhabitants Meryl

La Folia is the hometown of Meryl and one of the major locations of Mother 4. It is a town full of lush plant life, and vines can be seen growing in many places.[1]

La Folia is connected to Pennyburg via the Brass Hills.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • La Folia takes its name from an old music composition that originated from Europe, as well as a type of dance popular in Portugal. It means "madness", "empty-headedness", or "folly" in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • During development, the town was named "Citrus Hills."[3]



  1. Update #9, the team confirms the area shown in the pictures is called "La Folia": "It wasn’t a huge issue in Belring, but somewhere along the line junk colors accumulated in La Folia’s tileset."
  2. Developers reveal a new location called "Brass Hills".
  3. Stated by Mother 4 concept artist With a Hint of Lemon
  4. Mother 4's attract mode

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