Each player character in Mother 4 has an instrument associated with them. This is demonstrated not only when that character deals physical damage (performs combo attacks), but also when he or she levels up. While unique combo instruments were present in Mother 3, unique Level-up jingles are an aspect unique to Mother 4, not put in the official games. When several characters level up at the same time, their jingles will overlap each other, gradually creating a more elaborate piece.[1] The player characters' instruments are as follows:

  • Travis - A bell-like instrument, similar to the instrument used to play the Level-up jingle in the official games
  • Zack - Currently unknown, though the old Level-up jingle video[2] demonstrates him having a high-pitched synthesizer instrument
  • Meryl - Cello
  • Floyd - Electric bass; his former instrument in the old Level-up jingle video was a snare drum
  • Leo - Saxophone


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