PSI is a key game mechanic in Mother 4. They are moves used by the player characters or enemies that use Psychic Points (PP) to bring about various effects in battle, or in rarer cases, in the overworld. "PSI" is an abbreviation for "psionics" and refers to the psychic powers a player character or enemy has. Three player characters in Mother 4 are able to use PSI: Travis, Meryl, and Leo. PSI abilities will vary between different characters; for example, Travis is the only player character able to use Telepathy. Each PSI move has its own name and individual effect; however, a PSI move with the same name can further be divided into "power levels," indicated by Greek letters (α, ß, etc.). PSI is divided into four categories: Offense PSI, Support PSI, Recovery PSI, and Other PSI.

Offense PSIEdit

Offense PSI

Some of Leo's Offense PSI.

Offense PSI deals damage to enemies or the player characters and may induce secondary effects.

List of Offense PSIEdit

Name Level(s) User(s)
Daydream α Travis
PK Fire α, ß, γ Meryl, Leo
PK Freeze α, ß Meryl
PK Thunder α, ß, γ, Ω Meryl, Leo
PK Beam α, ß, γ Leo

Recovery PSIEdit

Recovery PSI

Some of Travis's Recovery PSI.

Recovery PSI serves to restore the player characters' or enemies' HP or PP, or to remove status ailments. Often, Recovery PSI can be used both in battle and in the overworld.

List of Recovery PSIEdit

Name Level(s) User(s)
Healing α, ß Travis
Lifeup α Travis

Support PSIEdit

Support PSI

An old version of Travis's Support PSI menu.

Travis Support PSI 2

Newest version showing Shield α.

Support PSI moves allow the player characters to buff themselves or debuff the enemy in some fashion, without directly dealing damage or affecting opponents' PP. Enemies can use them as well--buffing themselves and debuffing the player characters. Support PSI are called "Assist PSI" in the official Mother games.

List of Support PSIEdit

Name Level(s) User(s)
Paralysis α Travis
Hypnosis α Travis
Shield α, Ω Travis
PSI Shield α N/A
Counter α Travis?

Other PSIEdit

Other PSI

Travis's Other PSI menu.

PSI in the "Other" category can bring about effects in battle that can't be placed in the other three categories. Often, they can be used both in battle and in the overworld. Overworld uses are as follows:

  • Telepathy - Allows Travis to read the minds of non-player characters and receive alternate dialog.
  • 4th-D Slip - Allows the user's party to access places that would be inaccessible otherwise.[1]

List of Other PSIEdit

Name Power level(s) User(s)
Telepathy α Travis
4th-D Slip α N/A


  1. Stated by Pastel (creative director for Mother 4) in a Reddit AMA

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