Atomic Power Robot
Battle theme "Battle Against a Familiar Foe"
Maximum Hit Points N/A
Maximum Psychic Points N/A
Offense N/A
Defense N/A
Experience N/A
Wealth N/A

The Atomic Power Robot is an enemy in Mother 4. It was revealed in the Mother 4 gameplay trailer.[1] In said trailer, Leo is seen using PK Beam α on it.

Appearance Edit

The Atomic Power Robot seems to be a standard silver robot. It has two nubs on its top that resemble ears, two mechanical legs, and a red siren on it's underside.

Trivia Edit

  • The enemy's name is taken from a recurring enemy from the Mother series, the Atomic Power Robot. All Atomic Power Robots in the official games are known for dealing major damage to two or three player characters upon its defeat.


  1. The trailer

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